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Stanev Potts Architects  Philadelphia, Pa  Senior Project Manager, 09 . 2018 - Present


Claflen Associates, Architects + Planners  Philadelphia, Pa  Senior Project Manager,  02 . 2016 - 09 . 2018

CaVa Architects Philadelphia, Pa — Design Consultant,  07 . 2016 - 12 . 2017

Design Advocacy Group Philadelphia, Pa — Content Developer,  09 . 2016 - 12 . 2017

Martin Architectural Group Philadelphia, Pa — Assistant Project Manager,  09 . 2013 - 02 . 2016

FVHD Architects + Planners  Ewing, NJ — Intern Architect,  02 . 2013 -  09 . 2013


  • Project Manager with 7+ years' experience completing projects, ranging in cost from under a million to ten million dollars, primarily in the institution, hospitality, commercial and multi-family sector

  • Creative problem solver, with an intuition to anticipate needs, and create meaningful design, while fulfilling clients' needs and exceeding expectations

  • Design professional working directly with clients and managing projects from feasibility through construction administration, while meeting project goals and timelines


Resident Lounge at the Ben Franklin Residences — Interior Fitout,  02 . 2019 - 08 . 2019

Project Designer + Manager

  • Configured an existing, empty space to accommodate a new resident’s lounge for a 400+ luxury apartment building

  • The space consists of two conference rooms, two lounge areas, a study, and a kitchen

  • Designed from feasibility and coordinated the project through construction, choosing all finishes and lighting for the client


AKA Rittenhouse Hotel — Interior + Facade Entrance Renovation,  09 . 2018 - 04 . 2019

Senior Project Manager

  • Designed the lobby and façade entrance to the existing, historic building that houses the luxury, boutique hotel adjacent to Rittenhouse Square 

  • Produced documents to successfully obtaining approvals from both the Historic and Art Commission, which included presentations to multiple boards during the process

  • Coordinated construction administration and meetings on a short construction timeline

  • Selected and coordinated materials and produced renderings

  • Coordinated design and install of a seventy-five custom moss wall


Rittenhouse Residence — Modern Day Trinity, New Construction,  09 . 2018 - 11 . 2019

Project Designer + Manager

  • Designed a five-story home on the rear of an existing lot, and prepared renderings and plans to be reviewed by the Historic Commission’s board. 

  • Presented to the Historic Board on two occasions and was successfully awarded the project with no changes


Fleet Shop 134 — Office Renovation and Fitout Design, 03 . 2016 - 08 . 2019

Project Designer + Senior Project Manager

The office renovation included a complete demolition of the existing interior and a new design that is more efficient, spacious, and secure for its users.


  • Participated in the project from the design development stage through construction documents and permitting

  • Coordinated the construction administration phase of the project with the client’s project manager, while leading bi-weekly site meetings 

Barry Playground Building — LEED Gold Recreation Center,  02 . 2016 - 03 . 2018

Senior Project Manager


Coordinated one of the City of Philadelphia’s first LEED-designed Recreation Centers from the construction administration phase through LEED Gold Certification

  • Reviewed submittals and RFIs from multiple prime contractors

  • Resolved many in-field issues that were revealed through demolition, which included coordination with all consultants and multiple prime contractors

  • Led bi-weekly site meetings and Final Completion 

  • Successfully managed the project team for LEED documentation and submission 


Philadelphia Navy Yard Historic Core Vision Study — Planning Study, 07 . 2016 - 11 . 2017   


As a consultant, I worked with CaVA, PIDC, and CVMNext researching and designing several scenarios for development opportunities in the Historic Core of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The focus was on transforming the two largest remaining Navy-era buildings and their adjacent sites.

Chinese Christian Church + Center — Master Plan + Programming,  05 . 2016 - 04 . 2017                      

Senior Project Manager


Conducted a feasibility study and developed a master plan for two separate sites with existing buildings in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. This study included researching nearby properties in the neighborhood for expansion, with an in-depth Chinatown Community site analysis.

  • Studied the potential growth of the congregations in phases and applied schematic programming and planning with massing studies, based on an in-depth study of the existing buildings and their structural design capabilities

  • Participated in several presentations to the board members, while educating the client on design reasoning and feasibility 

  • Completed a final 80-page booklet with the neighborhood analysis, and two schemes for each site that were developed to schematic level, but with much detail to code, accessibility, and structural feasibility 



Designer + Senior Project Manager

  • Successfully awarded several proposals, including an on-call Contract with the City of Philadelphia

  • Participated in Request for Proposal meetings and walkthroughs

  • Coordinated project teams, and marketing with potential consultants for projects 

  • Organized Consultants information into a custom designed layout and edited written content, while also creating graphics and diagrams in Adobe InDesign


Monarch Watch — Multifamily Development, 10 . 2013 - 02 . 2016

Designer + Assistant Project Manager

  • Participated in schematic design through the construction documents phase

  • Designed the four-story facade of the courtyard building that houses 276 apartments 

  • Designed the layout of the 7,600 square foot amenity space that houses a large lounge, business area, and game room with a bar that opens to the pool deck in the courtyard


Granite Run Mall Redevelopment — Adaptive Reuse Development, 10 . 2013 - 02 . 2016

Designer + Assistant Project Manager

  • Created Graphics for community presentations and zoning boards

  • Participated in the master planning for development and transit accessibility 

  • Built three-dimensional models and presented schemes to clients

  • Designed two mixed-use, residential buildings with amenity spaces, which included both a clubhouse and pool plaza from schematic design through design development

Ryan’s Crossing — Eight Residences,  09. 2013 - 02. 2014

Designer + Assistant Project Manager

The urban infill project consisted of configuring the site and designing eight rowhomes in the Northern Liberties vicinity on multiple adjacent lots.

  • Built a digital model, and developed the schematic renderings and plans for two Registered Community Organization Meetings

  • Prepared the zoning submission package, which received approval for all variances


Drexel University

B.Arch, Cum Laude



Project Management


Preparing Proposals


Consultant Coordination


Client Collaboration


Research + Planning 


Zoning + Schematic Design


Feasibility Studies

Graphic Design


Adobe Creative Suite


Collaborative Design 


Revit + AutoCAD


SketchUp + Vray  


Business Operations 


Web Media Marketing


Watercolor Illustrations



Design Advocacy Group


Habitat for Humanity


Chamber of Commerce


U.S. Green Building Council


Green Building United


Young Friends of the Preservation Alliance


National Society of 

Collegiate Scholars 


Phi Theta Kappa Honors





2018 Green Building United Groundbreaker Award


Michael Pearson  Architecture Prize Finalist


Carpenter's Company Scholarship


James Timberlake + Marguerite Rodgers Travel Scholarship



Transilient, is a design based on resilient use for existing, abandoned architecture and infrastructure as new public space that references the history of New York’s transit technology. A landmark site was created at the corner of Broadway and 96th Street in New York city that connects to one of the first substations that powered the subway. As such,  the design focuses on reactivating the pedestrian presence along this stretch of Broadway, where currently the streetscape mimics that of an expressway. The design solution incorporates a plaza on the first level that resolves the steep grade change to the newly adapted substation 14, that serves as a flexible space for art, events, and performances. Through analysis of the site circulation regarding to transit, and research of the West Side neighborhood context and historic edges, a site design for pedestrians, transit access and the neighborhood as a whole was achieved. 



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